Akanksha Verma

Dr. Akanksha Verma

Manvi Shrivastava

Mrs. Manvi Shrivastava

Manvi Shrivastava is an ICF certified Life Coach and a student of psychology. After almost working for two decades in corporate as a brand manager, she realised that ultimately success of every endeavour depends on understanding of others and utilising that understanding to manage them as well as the situation. Ultimately, it all boils down to have a calm mind that can help you understand yourself well as others. As A life coach, she has helped many of her clients to do just that. She has helped people understand the conflicts and confusion within them to have the clarity needed to be at peace, to have healthy relationships and to have overall success and happiness in life.

Richa Suman

Mrs. Richa Suman

Nutritionist, Location: Gaziabad A passionate and dedicated nutritionist with 15 years of experience in promoting healthy lifestyles through personalized diet plans. With a BSC degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics and areas of expertise being weight management, diet for expectant and lactating mothers, PCOS and peri- menopausal ladies, she is thrilled & eager to help you on your journey to better health & vitality.
Srishty Shrivastava

Mrs. Srishty Shrivastava

Fitness expert, Location: Noida A fitness enthusiast, she has been in this industry for 15 years. She believes that while the world is filled with all kinds of fancy diets and exercise regimes, following the most basic things is the key while being sustainable and consistent.